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Mary Macleod’s Shortbread was founded in March of 1981. A true original, it was the first business in Canada devoted exclusively to the creation and sale of hand-made, pure, quality shortbread cookies. Mary built her neighborhood business by earning the trust of the community and genuinely appreciating every customer. Today, after over 30 years, we continue with our core focus of making exceptional shortbread cookies and corporate gift packages throughout the year and maintaining a strong relationship with our customers and our community.

Our products are beautifully
accented for Autumn

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            “Everyone should taste 
      shortbread perfection at least
                 once in a life time.”
                  – Reader’s Digest



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#TBT So long ago... We've been at it for over 30 years, and Mary's still goin' strong! Marion Kane (Food Sleuth)
19 hours 33 min ago #HappyDiwali Now for something completely different; switch out jalebi & burfi for our decorated shortbread cookies!
19 hours 43 min ago
@ccfearless That looks so good & healthy! You deserve a treat! How about a local, handmade, all-butter shortbread Maple Crunch cookie? #yum
19 hours 53 min ago
RT @ccfearless: Lasts night's dinner : sautéed pumpkin with red dandelion &pumpkin seeds .
19 hours 54 min ago
@tweethbad @ShopTheHood_ca @VancityBuzz Come on in! We've been baking up a sweet, buttery storm! First cookie is always on us! #NoExcuses
19 hours 55 min ago
RT @tweethbad: Big Day #ShoptheHood #YVR Time to support our local economy and small businesses. @ShopTheHood_ca @VancityBuzz
19 hours 56 min ago
RT @urbantoronto: A beautiful #fall day at High Park in #Toronto #autumn #seasons
19 hours 57 min ago
@Toronto @lonelyplanet We're proud to be a Toronto original! We've been handmaking the best, all-butter shortbread here for over 30 years!
19 hours 57 min ago

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