Make Mary Macleod's Shortbread Cookies part of any celebration.
    Make Mary Macleod's Shortbread Cookies part of any celebration.
    Make Mary Macleod's Shortbread Cookies part of any celebration.
    Make Mary Macleod's Shortbread Cookies part of any celebration.

Mary's story

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread was founded in March of 1981. A true original, it was the first business in Canada devoted exclusively to the creation and sale of hand-made, pure, small-batch shortbread cookies. Mary built her business by earning the trust of the community, genuinely appreciating every customer, and of course, by making the finest shortbread cookies possible.  After over 30 years, we continue to bake exceptional shortbread cookies, offer fabulous corporate gift packages, and beautiful seasonal specials.

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“Everyone should taste 
shortbread perfection
at least once in a life time.” 
– Reader’s Digest


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Mary and the girls! We just love our #baking team. They've really perfected the art of shortbread cookies. https://t.co/NENJVm0iox
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Our very loyal follower made this gorgeous crumble using our butterscotch baking… https://t.co/kYYMcLPQuX
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Surprise the kids with a back-to-school treat-cookies! These fit great in any lunchbox https://t.co/gQQPUZOD7A https://t.co/PXcbNB0YH9
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10% of proceeds during August will go to ! Shop with to support our animal friends! https://t.co/QVWeGCGzin
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Tried our shortbread cookies lately? Tell us what you think at https://t.co/8nN4WJtdru
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Buy cookies this month & 10% of proceeds will go to to help dogs like Frankie! https://t.co/jvLgSpLReN
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It's never too early to start thinking about holiday corporate cookie gifts. Email info@marymacleod.ca for info! https://t.co/sqoVDl68F8
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The Toronto Gift Fair starts today! Come say hi-we're at booth 9341. https://t.co/isYRlvtnAt
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Less than a week until the Toronto gift show! Come see us for #shortbread samples! https://t.co/njrjtl3vKk
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Good news! We're open regular hours all weekend, so stop by this long weekend for some yummy cookies! https://t.co/dA4znaLJvo
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Be like Goldilocks and choose whichever shortbread cookie is just right for you! https://t.co/NLHZcb8S8I https://t.co/eRMUf7sczl
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Shortbread + summer = perfection https://t.co/bAUKCjHczu
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From now until 11:59pm EDT get your tikets for Nov 24-Dec 4 for only $8! We'll be there this year, so come visit us!
4 weeks 14 hours ago
#IfYourDayIsBadAlwaysRemember to pick up some shortbread cookies and your favourite tea! That is sure to pick you up!
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