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Nov 23 2016

These decadent shortbread bars are made with two sugars and an abundance of butterscotch chips.  I love their rich caramel colour and unique fudge like quality! A great treat to enjoy at tea time with company or to give as a gift for the foodie in your life.

Nov 2 2016

Courtney Dickson is the Communications Manager for Mary Macleod’s Shortbread, where she oversees marketing, communications, and social media strategy. Courtney recently sat down with us to talk about all things shortbread, and also reflected on the recent passing of Mary Mcleod.

Oct 20 2016

"Tasting Mary Macleod’s original shortbread cookie—childhood memories of my Mom’s baking fill my head. I don’t have a ‘chocolate tooth’, however I love their Dutch chocolate cookies, and the maple crunch is the perfect Canadian classic. The butterscotch shortbread bars are another wonderful creation."

Dec 9 2014

"Mary Macleod had been selling handmade shortbread cookies for about a year when a woman in a yellow linen dress stepped into Macleod’s tiny bakery and changed everything."

May 23 2014

"This Toronto-based boutique shortbread company is on a mission: to move beyond the gustatory gulch that is Christmas. As the company slogan has it, ‘Shortbread is for all seasons.’"

Jul 15 2012

"Walking down Queen Street East, you might be lucky enough to be greeted with the magical aroma of baking shortbread wafting from Mary Macleod’s Shortbread store."

Apr 26 2012

"Mary's unique variation on traditional shortbread yielded a cookie so delicately balanced, rich and extraordinarily delicious that even food critic James Beard declared it to be the best shortbread he had ever tasted."

Dec 8 2011

"Here I am 30 years later, so I think it's more than just the shortbread," she says. "It's about people. Everybody that comes in is happy and they go out happy. They just love coming in and smelling it. It's a great privilege to have done that as an immigrant."

Dec 1 2011

"This charming little shop located at 639 Queen Street East in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood has beautifully decorated walls with Mary’s antique collector plates and shelves bursting with perfectly packaged shortbread cookies. The staff always gives me a warm welcome and an offer to sample a treat, making me so very happy. How could I refuse a cookie?"

Feb 6 2011

"Today, 30 years after she opened her store, Mary Macleod is still going strong. She moved a long time ago to 639 Queen Street East – just East of the Don Valley – and she continues to innovate and develop new recipes. Tins and boxes of her shortbread go out all over the world to devoted connoisseurs."

Dec 9 2010

"But every so often, if you’re lucky enough, some shortbread, like this famous handmade, all butter Mary Macleod’s Shortbread, gets dropped off at your front door (Santa?)"

Nov 11 2010

"Everyone should taste shortbread perfection at least once in a lifetime. Mary’s cookies (or her “wee babbies” as she calls them) are particularly fine and smooth… more melt-in-the-mouth than the hard-and-stubby, albeit-delicious, butter shortbread fingers I cut my teeth on in Scotland."

Aug 31 2010

"It might be a Christmas favourite, but Mary Macleod’s shortbread is so good that her business booms year-round."

Aug 31 2010

"At Springridge, we strive to support local partnerships that help make our farm shoppe a unique boutique. This year, we are excited to have formed a new relationship with the local cookie connoisseurs at Mary Macleod's Shortbread. In our bakery, we are featuring Mary's mouthwatering Chocolate Crunch Shortbreads and they’ve already become a favourite treat to indulge in amongst our customers!"

Dec 31 2008

"This place is a must try for anyone who loves a good shortbread cookie!"