Shortbread Cookie Flavours

From our original classic shortbread cookies, to our best-selling chocolate crunch, and across all of our delicious and decadent flavours, we use only the best of quality ingredients.  Pure butter, the finest nuts and chocolate, and our special blend of Canadian flours make our cookies unique, distinctive and delicious.

Mary Macleod's Chocolate Crunch Shortbread Cookie Chocolate Crunch

Mary’s signature cookie is also our most popular. Crunchy, decadent, pure Belgian milk chocolate chips run through this cookie, giving hits of chocolate flavour and a delicious crunch. Each cookie is topped with a large chunk of even more Belgian chocolate and a dusting of icing sugar.

Mary Macleod's Traditional Shortbread Cookie Traditional

A time-honoured classic, and where it all began for Mary. Not overly sweet, but buttery rich, delicate, flaky and melt-in-your-mouth. Each handmade cookie is finished with a light sprinkling of sugar, and is available in a variety of shapes, from the original round cookie, to wedges, and seasonal shapes.

Mary Macleod's Hazelnut Crunch Cookie Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch

Hazelnut and chocolate; a marriage made in heaven. Belgian milk chocolate is combined with freshly ground hazelnuts for a nougat-y flavour in this European-style cookie, decorated with a whole hazelnut and chunk of Belgian milk chocolate.

Mary Macleod's Dutch Chocolate Cookie Dutch Chocolate

The deep, dark, authentic cocoa flavour comes from pure Dutch process cocoa, as well as milk and dark Belgian chocolate. This cookie is sinfully good, soft and crunchy, crowned with a large piece of Belgian milk chocolate and a dusting of icing sugar.  

Mary Macleod's Orange Chocolate Cookie Orange Chocolate Crunch

Pure orange oil gives this chocolate crunch cookie a delightfully pure—but not over-powering—orange flavour, in perfect balance with the Belgian milk chocolate chips that run through this Dutch cocoa cookie. A sophisticated cookie, to be sure. 

Mary Macleod's Mint Chocolate Cookie Mint Chocolate

The minty aroma, flavour and fresh coolness comes from the addition of pure peppermint oil to this rich Dutch cocoa chocolate crunch cookie. Topped with a Belgian milk chocolate chunk, this is the epitome of chocolate-mint harmony.  

Mary Macleod's Espresso Chocolate Cookie Espresso Chocolate

Colombian coffee and a shot of perfectly bitter espresso is heavenly, blended with Belgian dark chocolate and a sweetening touch of Madagascar Vanilla.

Mary Macleod's Rolled Coconut Cookie Rolled Coconut

A real treat for coconut lovers! The flavour of toasted and raw coconut as well as pure coconut oil bursts in the mouth, followed by the buttery flavour of Mary’s classic shortbread with just a hint of pure Madagascar vanilla.  

Mary Macleod's Butterscotch Bar Butterscotch Bars

Mary created this decadent shortbread with two sugars and an abundance of butterscotch chips. The bars are a rich caramel colour and have a unique fudge like quality.

Mary Macleod's Cranberry Almond Cookie Cranberry Almond

For a marzipan-lover, this cookie is an absolute delight! Made with almonds and pure almond oil, sweet dried cranberries, and pure Madagascar Vanilla, topped with a bright red dried cranberry and candied almond, this is one elegant cookie.

Mary Macleod's Whole Wheat Walnut Cookie Whole-Wheat Walnut

No need to feel guilty about this treat! The goodness of omega-rich California walnuts and whole-wheat is balanced with the deliciousness of butter, 56-percent dark Belgian chocolate and pure Madagascar vanilla. 

Mary Macleod's Maple Crunch Cookie Maple Crunch

Our newest flavour, Maple Crunch, is the perfect Canadian treat.